Chasing Stripers

I’ve seen fisherman going after schooling Hybrid Striped Bass that were chasing shad on the surface on fishing shows before. I’ve also witnessed them breaking on the surface before while I was on the shore and didn’t have a boat to go after them. I watched this happen many times last summer, where they actually covered a large part of the main lake, so I was anticipated it happening again this year now that I have a boat. Jim and I were out fishing on Wednesday when we saw them hitting the surface near the mouth of a cove we were fishing. We had several rods in the boat, one was a light rod with a small jig (1/8 oz I think), with a white curly tail grub on it and another light rod with an 1/8 oz rooster tail, silver and white, on it. As soon as I saw this I started to cast the jig and suggest Jim throw the rooster tail. I soon hooked and boated my first Striper of the day. It took Jim a little longer to get hooked up, but I was in the front of the boat. We continued to chase a few schools around the main lake for the next couple hours with moderate success. A couple of times we both had fish on at the same time. No giants, the biggest around 16″, but they were especially fun on the light rods we were using. We did not see nearly the large numbers of fish I saw hitting the surface at times last summer, so I expect this pattern to get better as the summer progresses.

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