More Ice Fishing

Two firsts today. I got out ice fishing on Lake Thunderbird for the first time. I took my friend Jim and it was his first time ice fishing. We had what I would call near perfect conditions. 5 to  6 inches of good solid ice and temperatures ranging from about 32 degrees in the morning to 40 plus in the afternoon so it was pretty comfortable.

We got on the ice a little after 8 am and I drilled a hole right at the boat ramp to check the thickness. Knowing that we had plenty of good ice helped both Jim and I to proceed with some confidence, but we continued drilling holes to check thickness and to fish.

The first few holes didn’t produce any fish, but I remembered a spot that I used to get hung up when I was trolling in the open water season, so I knew there was something there that might hold fish. I drilled a hole there and started catching fish almost immediately, both Blue Gill and Crappie.

We fished there till the bite died off and then moved down a little ways where we caught a few more Gills. I drilled several more holes catching a fish here and there and we called it quites about 1 pm. Hard to beat fresh Crappie and Blue Gill for supper.


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