Electronics for Fishing?

How and/or how much do you use your Electronics for fishing? Do you just use it for depth or do you use it to find fish holding structure, bait fish, and fish themselves? What about GPS, mapping, water temperature, down imaging, side imaging, boat speed, tracking?

When I asked that same question on Facebook, Brian Mazur, who fishes the Illinois Walleye Trail said, ” My Lowrance units are my life line for all of the above. If it says there is nothing I move on. Once you learn how to use and read them properly they’re priceless.”

Hoping I will soon have that kind of confidence in my electronics as I’m planning to get a new unit before spring.

I’ve heard the same comment I got from Brian from other professional fisherman such as Al and Jim Lindner in some of their videos, yet I talk to quit a lot of fisherman who pretty much just use their electronics for checking the depth.

I’ve been drooling over down imaging and side imaging units for quit a while now. Anything to do with electronics changes fast. I paid over $4000 for my first for my first lap top 15 to 20 years ago. Now you can buy one with more power and memory for 1/10th of that.

Just like lap top computers, with electronics for fishing you can get more and pay less than just a few years ago.

So how about you. Are you like Brian Mazur and the Lindners, using electronics to their full potential, or just using them for depth, or maybe somewhere in between?


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