The Off Season

What do you do in the fishing “off season”, or does the fishing “off season” exist in your world?  I love to fish but don’t hunt, so I try to fish most of the year, but there is always a stretch of time where I can’t fish, so what to do?

1. To many sportsman fall and winter are all about hunting, and fishing that time of year doesn’t even enter their minds.

2. There is always time with the family, especially around the holidays. I know for some this probably doesn’t sound like the ideal thing to do, but the holidays only come once a year.

3. In an attempt to minimize the “off season” I like to take advantage of power plant lakes since they never freeze. Even if you like to ice fish there are always times when there just isn’t enough ice. At those times it is good to take advantage of the open waters of power plant lakes.

4. When there is enough ice for ice fishing I like to get out and drill some holes in the ice. With the right clothing and equipment it isn’t that hard to stay warm. I like the simplicity of ice fishing and it can be a blast at times.

5. One of the things I look forward to in the winter are the outdoor shows. They give me a chance to check out the newest fishing products, talk fishing, take in some seminars and meet some of my fishing heroes.

I look forward to hopefully getting out on the ice for some ice fishing this winter, but we’re not even close to having enough ice yet. I may get to Powerton, a local power plant lake, this winter, but it is closed until December 23. I am hoping to get to at least a couple outdoor shows, but they don’t start til after the first of the year. With all of this and the fact that I don’t hunt, that pretty much just leaves time with the family and of coarse one thing that I haven’t mentioned yet, watching fishing videos and TV shows. Fortunately I have several fishing videos on DVDs and access to many more on the internet.  🙂

Think of anything I may have missed?


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