Slip Bobber Rigs

Slip bobbers or a slip float system allows you to cast something as compact as 10 inches or less, and be fishing as deep as 10 feet or more, because the bobber slides up the line until it hits the bobber stop.


There are several types of bobber stops that you can put on your line to set to the depth you want to fish. The type that I prefer to use looks like this…


Like a little plastic dog bone with a hole in each end. They are durable, stay in place well and they can be reused. This is the part of the slip bobber rig that you need to put on the line first. Just stick the line in one hole, then rap around the bobber stop one and a half times and feed it through the hole on the other end. I usually use 4 or 6lb test mono-filament with this set up. You will probably want to rap the line less if you are using heavier line. You should be able to move the stop up the line with some resistance so it will stay in place. (I usually wet the line and stop in my mouth so it moves easier.)

Next you slide a small bead on the line followed by the slip bobber. The beads and stops are sold together and the bobbers are sold separately.

Slip bobbers are available in Styrofoam and balsa. The balsa probably perform slightly better, but I have had good luck with the Styrofoam.

Now you are ready for your hook or jig, whichever you prefer. Tie them to the end of your line and add some split shot a few inched up the line. The amount of weight you will need to add depends on if you are using a plain hook or a jig. I use 2 split shot (about 1/4 inch in diameter) with a plain hook and less with a jig. You want just enough weight to pull the line through the bobber and make the bobber stand up, but still allow the bobber to be easily visible, not too submerged.

OK, so now your rig is complete, bobber stop, bead, bobber, split shot, and a hook or jig. Just add some bait and let the fun begin. Now you can easily change the depth that you are presenting the bait by adjusting your bobber stop.


It takes a little bit of time to put this rig together but I think it is well worth it because it cast so easily and is an easy way to control the depth of your bait. I keep at least one rigged at all times so it’s always ready.

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