Your Favorite Fishing Destination

What is your favorite fishing destination?

At this point I would have to say that Leech Lake in Minnesota is my favorite fishing destination. One of the main reasons is that it is a great multi-species lake with Walleye, Perch, Northern, Blue Gill, Rock Bass, Large Mouth Bass, and Muskie. I think the other main reason is because it has been a great family vacation spot for us since the mid 90s.

A variety of fishing techniques work well here also. You can drift with live bait rigs, cast lures, troll, or even fish with a bobber. Many times in the past a large part of the fish we have brought home were nice size perch caught right off the docks with a bobber and minnow.

At one time the Walleye fishing had fallen off but it has come back in the last few years. I was fortunate  enough to be able to talk to Al Lindner at an outdoor show in  the Chicago area last year and he talked about how the Walleye population was coming back strong on Leech because of getting the Cumerant population under control and also because of slot limits.

There are over thirty resorts around the lake, but we have always stayed at Brindley’s Harbor Resort. We have always enjoyed Brindley’s because of the nice cottages, great hospitality, great service (fish cleaning included), and the protected harbor. It is also centrally located on the lake near Pine Point.

There is also a casino, a nice sporting goods store, and numerous other shops in the town of Walker.

One thing about Leech Lake to be aware of is that it is a big lake, 112,000 acres. This can make for a challenge on a windy day and you would not want to go up the with a small boat.

All in all though, this is my favorite fishing destination. Plenty of different species to fish for and plenty of lodging to choose from.

So what about you?

What is your favorite fishing destination?





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  1. Judy Harlan

    My favorite fishing spot is a private pond outside of Toluca. It is fully stocked, and the catfish are huge! Sorry, I can’t reveal it’s location.

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