Dam Fishing At Sunset

I went fishing on the dam again last Saturday night at sunset. Actually I got there about an hour before. The sky was overcast with light rain off and on. I started off fishing with a jig and caught a few Warmouth, but most of my fish came on the Rooster Tail.

The rocky dam is very good for this type on fishing, casting parallel to shore. As I covered the shoreline the bite seemed to come and go, it died altogether for a while when the wind came up, but came back as the wind settled down.

I caught several smaller Smallmouth as the light faded, but the best bite came as it was really getting dark, when I caught the biggest Smallie of the evening. Then I caught one Walleye, about 12″.

The light continued to fade to the point I was sometime just guessing where my lure was landing, but I hated to call it a day because I was catching fish. Then I caught a nice Largemouth for light tackle, about 15″. This is when things got really interesting because this fish was hooked well, two treble hook in the corner of the mouth, and I couldn’t see to get the hooks out. The only light I had with me was the light on my smartphone. After quite a bit of trying I finally managed to somehow hold both the fish and my phone in the same hand in such a way that it provided enough light for me to get the hooks out. Man did I wish I had clipped my hat light on instead of leaving it in the car. After that I decided it was time to quit for the day.

Since the best fish of the evening came after dark I didn’t take any pictures but I probably should have at least attempted it. I did however get a nice photo of the sunset with a gap in the clouds to provide some color.


Note to self – Clip your hat light on every time you go fishing at sunset.

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  1. Darrel Post author

    Yes Jen, I just got mine earlier this year and it has been soooo handy. It is LED so the batteries last a long time and it adjusts up and down so I can get the angle of the light where I need it. I would never want to be without one now.

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