What Is Your Favorite Fishing Lure?

What is your favorite fishing lure, the one you use most often?┬áIt’s not good to get to focused on just one or two lures, but on the other hand, fishing is about confidence. Obviously if you have a lot of confidence in a particular lure you are going to use it more often and with more intensity. A Rooster Tail is definitely a confidence lure for me and one that I have tied on most of the time. In particular, a 1/8 ounce silver and white Rooster Tail. There are a lot of other color combination and I’m sure they all work, but I prefer the natural colors that imitate shad and minnows. I have this rigged on a 6 ft light spinning rod with 8 lb Fire Line. Since the 8 lb Fire Line is the same diameter as 3 lb monofilament line it allows me to cast the little Rooster Tail with ease.

Using a small lure like this is good for numbers of fish. It seems to be better for quantity rather than quality fish, although I do catch some good size fish from time to time also. In another post I wrote about Kayla catching a decent North Pike (about 24″) on this lure on our trip to Cass Lake Minnesota and I have caught some nice Large and Small Mouth Bass from time to time. It is especially fun fighting these larger fish on light tackle. It’s also good for a number of other species, such as Warmouth, White and Striped bass, Crappie, Blue Gill, and even the occasional Walleye or Sauger.

I believe the key to catching fish with the Rooster Tail, as with any lures, is knowing when and where to throw it. Although it will work in open water in the middle of the day, particularly when Hybrid Strippers are chasing shad on the surface, the most consistent bite is dusk or dawn, close to shore. Real close to shore, particularly a rocky shoreline. I rarely ever make any casts straight out from the shore when casting it from shore and most of my cast are often just a foot or two from shore. This is actually one situation where you can fish better from shore than from a boat if you have access to the right stretch of shoreline, because the strike zone is very close to the shore and you don’t have to worry about boat control. Keep the lure in the water all the way back to you and watch for strikes at the end of the retrieve. I have had fish hit right as I was getting ready to pull the lure out of the water.

Give this a try and Go Fish!

What is your favorite/confidence lure?


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