Playing In The Creek

Did you ever play in the creek as a kid? If not, you missed out on a lot of fun. I have to admit , I have “played” in the creek just as much, if not more, as an adult than I did as a kid. The main reason is that I have learned what great fisheries they are. I’m talking about creeks in the local area such as Big Sandy in Marshall county and Bureau Creek in Bureau county, just to name a couple. I waded a stretch of one of these creeks yesterday and I caught Small Mouth, Large Mouth, and White Bass, Sauger, and Warmouth. I have to admit that most of these fish were small, but still fun on light tackle, especially some of the Small Mouth, which is my preferred species in this situation. In my opinion it is worth dealing with the smaller fish to get a couple bigger Smallies. Anyone who has caught Small Mouth in a creek or river knows that they are very scrappy fighters, as well as acrobatic. My lures of choice this day, as many days, were a 1/8 ounce Rooster Tail, white with silver blades, and a lead head jig with a white curly tail grub on it. Most of the fish were catch on my way up stream with the Rooster Tail, but a couple of the biggest Small Mouth were caught on my my back down stream on the jig.


Even though I do most of my fishing from a boat these days, I still like to get out and “play” in the creek at least once or twice a year, and even though I have caught bigger Smallies in these local creeks on other outings, it was still a fun day, not to mention a great way to get some exercise.

What is you favorite creek in the area to fish?

What species of fish do you target?

4 thoughts on “Playing In The Creek

  1. Jennifer Ross

    We love playing in creeks! James Jr. was playing in one just yesterday @ his adopted grandparents house out on Washburn Rd.-the only thing he caught was some fossils are geodes, however!!

  2. Cynthia

    OK – DC — this is a topic I can comment on as I LOVED playing in the crick south of Toluca when I was a kid. I think it might be part of Crow Creek–but not sure. Not usually enough water to fish but lots of minnows and craw dads and frogs and we’d build bridges out of whatever we could find. Important was the fact that we played upstream of the sewer plant !!

  3. Darrel Post author

    Important fact indeed. More kids these days should go play in the crick and leave the electronic games at home. 🙂

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