Ever Have This Happen? Very Strange!

I had a very strange thing happen the other night when I was fishing our local marina. As I often do I was fish at sunset with a 1/8 oz Roostertail. I had caught a couple Large Mouth so far and was moving around the shoreline. I made a cast parallel to shore, as I normally do and a small fish hit my lure. After fighting that fish for just a couple seconds all of a sudden he seemed to get bigger. A bigger fish had hit the smaller fish and I was fighting him. I saw the back of the bigger fish, but not enough to tell what species, although I thought it looked different. Eventually the bigger fish let go and I landed the smaller one, a Large Mouth about 8 or 9 inches. Now that’s not the strange part. Anyone who has spent much time on the water has had a big fish hit a smaller fish when you were reeling it in. This has happened more than once to me. The strange part happened as I was unhooking the bass. I saw some movement in the water, so I looked up to see what it was. When I did, a fish came to the surface and looked at me. I mean we made eye contact. Now that was weird. Fish don’t normally do that and I couldn’t tell the species, but it looked like a Bowfin. What some would call a Dogfish. I caught one in the marina a couple years ago and they are different looking. This incident was very strange indeed.

Ever have anything like this happen to you?

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