The Bass Are Back

I’m betting not many locals are going to read this, or I would have to keep this little secret to my self. The Bass are back in the Lacon marina. For about 15 years now I have been catching Large Mouth in the marina on a regular basis. It started one evening when I was jonesing  for some fishing, but all of the spots I had been fishing, especially ones I had confidence in, were to far away to make a run to that late in the day. I decided I might as well go down to the marina here in Lacon, five blocks from my house, and give that a try. I didn’t have much confidence in bank fishing on the river, but I figured it was better than sitting on the couch. To keep it simple I took one rod with me with one of my favorite lures on it, a Spinnerbait. As it turned out, what I learned that night would prove to be invaluable, because it has given me many hours of successful fishing over the past 15 years. That Marina holds fish. Especially at dusk and dawn, and  especially Large Mouth Bass. Like any where you fish connected to the river, you never know what you will catch, but a lot of Large Mouth. Over the years the Bass I have caught have gotten smaller so I have downsized, much of the time, to an 1/8 oz Roostertail, or a small jig with a curly tail grub, but still finding good numbers of fish, and even the smaller fish can be fun on light tackle. Besides, like I mentioned earlier, it beats sitting on the couch.

This bite has remained quite consistent, except for during flooding, until last year. Last year the river was so low for so long that the marina just didn’t seem to be holding fish. At least not ones that I could catch, and other fisherman who had learned my secret and were used to catching fish there, told me they weren’t catching them last year either. Feeling certain that this was due to the prolonged period of very low water, I could not wait for this year to see if the Bass were back. But wait I did. Through all the flooding of this spring and early summer, I had to wait til the waters were at a level that would allow me to fish the marina. Once the waters were at a normal level, sure enough, I was able to start catching fish again, on a very regular basis, just down the street from my house.


6 thoughts on “The Bass Are Back

  1. sheri dalrymple

    I know what you mean. I love going down there when I have time. it’s close to home and the fishing is very good. thank you for this reminder, think i’ll go tonight!!

  2. Jennifer Ross

    Hooray for the Marina, one of Lacon’s little gems! Living so close to it, we kids spend oodles of good old-fashioned fun times there. Now, as an adult, I take my son there often, as does his Uncle Sean and Grandpa Ross. Once a River Rat, always a River Rat, I guess!!! That water flows through our veins….

  3. Darrel Post author

    As I mentioned Jennifer, I didn’t discover this little gem until about 15 years ago, but I’m glad I did. In my experience much of the river doesn’t hold many fish, especially areas that are accessible from shore. That’s one of the things that can be so tricky, finding those hot spots. Even though the river does have a lot of fish in it, they tend to hold in certain areas. I am glad such a spot is so close to home.
    Also Jennifer, do you prefer the term “Potamophile” to “River Rat”, or is either equally acceptable? 😉

  4. sheri dalrymple

    to be honest, I just fish. sorry if that isn’t what you do but I love to catch anything. I do try for bass and sometimes northern but all and all I just love to fish.

  5. Darrel Post author

    Sheri, that is cool with me. To a certain extent I’m the same way. I’m definitely a multi-species fisherman, but I do have my favorites and I usually have a particular type of fish in mind when I am fishing.

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