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Minnesota Ice Fishing

Man I can’t believe this blog has been sitting here as a partially done draft every since this January, but shortly after I got back from Minnesota I started a new career as a financial planner and I have busy every since between studying and working.

Anyway… at a family holiday get together just after the first of the year my cousin Suzy stated that she wanting to go to Minnesota to visit her sister, niece, and other extended family members. I mentioned that I wanted to go to Minnesota some day to ice fish. Suzy had never ice fished before, but said she wanted to try it. Well one thing led to another and we decided we would go up together in a couple weeks.

Our trip was great from the beginning. Suzy’s Niece Audra and Audra’s husband J J were very hospitable. We stayed at their house the first night we got there and the next morning we went out to Clear Lake at the town of Waseca. J J pulled the very nice ice house out onto the ice with his truck. He had made the ice-house himself. (He obviously has some skills.) Like I said it was very nice, with all the amenities, except for running water. It had a nice wood interior, a table, bunks, stove, furnace, satellite TV, and a port-a-potty in the bathroom.

As soon as we got the house set in place J J and son Blake went to work drilling holes in the ice through capped holes in the floor of the house. Soon we were set up and fishing. This was my first time fishing from an actual Ice House and not just a portable, and also my first time using a flasher. The flasher didn’t take long to get used and it a big help to see the fish.


photo 5 (3)

J J’s Ice House

photo 4 (4)

J J’s friend’s Ice House





photo 4 (5)

Ice fishing rod and reel in a holder with the flasher there marking fish.



photo 3 (2)




 One of the highlights that sticks out in my mind is in the evening I was sitting in a chair catching Crappy and some of the family was next to me sitting at the table playing Yahtzee. It was like I was fishing in someones dining room.

The fishing wasn’t great, just medium to small Crappie, but the overall experience was awesome, like a free guided fishing trip. Hope to do it again soon. Thanks Audra and J J.


photo 3 (1)

It was like a small town on the ice.


photo 5 (4)

Rapala Coat Hanger


Fishing Lure Table Top