Monthly Archives: January 2014

Take A Kid Ice Fishing

Chrissy said her son Bobby would love to go ice fishing and suggested I take him some time. So why not. I love sharing my passion for fishing with others. So I made all the necessary preparations, made sure I had wax worms for bait and propane for the lantern/heater.

I picked Bobby up shortly after 7 on Saturday morning and the ride to the lake was peppered with the usual barrage questions you would expect from a 6 year old. After arriving at the boat ramp we headed a short distance across the lake to a spot I had caught fish on my previous two times out.

I drilled a couple holes, set up the ice hut, lit the lantern for heat and soon we were cozy inside. Bobby caught the first fish, a Blue Gill, which he said he wanted to put back in the water, so we did. We continued to catch Gills off and on for a couple hour, keeping a few to eat and putting the smaller ones back. Bobby said some were giants and I saw no reason to tell him otherwise.

The bite got really slow and Bobby got bored so it was time to leave. We got everything packed in the car and I said we would do some “site seeing” before we headed home. We drove around the lake and I pulled into the parking lot at the dam. When we got out to enjoy the view we saw a man and a girl sledding down the hill. They said they had an extra sled that Bobby could use if he wanted. Well of course he wanted and there was no way I was going to pass up the chance to let him sled.

He made about six passes down the hill, then I said we better get going because I wanted to head home to clean and cook the fish. We stopped at Bobby’s house so he could show off the fish and then headed to my house. Bobby watch me fillet the fish. Again with the usual barrage of question, such as, “do fish have hearts”.

I cooked the fish in the oven and we had a late lunch of fish fillets and potato chips.  I’m not sure who enjoyed the day more, Bobby or myself, but I would definitely do it again.