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Lindner Media

If you love to fish, and even watch fishing shows and videos, and reading about fishing, as I do, you will love Lindner Media. Their web site is full of archives of their show Lindner’s Angling Edge, tips and technics videos, blogs, and more. I have found this to be a very good source of information on fishing for many species, such as, Bass, Walleye, Muskie and more. Lindner Media is also available using a Roku, if you are familiar with that piece of technology. Not the exact same videos, ect. are available on the web and with the Roku, so you may want to check out both.


The Bass Are Back

I’m betting not many locals are going to read this, or I would have to keep this little secret to my self. The Bass are back in the Lacon marina. For about 15 years now I have been catching Large Mouth in the marina on a regular basis. It started one evening when I was jonesing  for some fishing, but all of the spots I had been fishing, especially ones I had confidence in, were to far away to make a run to that late in the day. I decided I might as well go down to the marina here in Lacon, five blocks from my house, and give that a try. I didn’t have much confidence in bank fishing on the river, but I figured it was better than sitting on the couch. To keep it simple I took one rod with me with one of my favorite lures on it, a Spinnerbait. As it turned out, what I learned that night would prove to be invaluable, because it has given me many hours of successful fishing over the past 15 years. That Marina holds fish. Especially at dusk and dawn, and  especially Large Mouth Bass. Like any where you fish connected to the river, you never know what you will catch, but a lot of Large Mouth. Over the years the Bass I have caught have gotten smaller so I have downsized, much of the time, to an 1/8 oz Roostertail, or a small jig with a curly tail grub, but still finding good numbers of fish, and even the smaller fish can be fun on light tackle. Besides, like I mentioned earlier, it beats sitting on the couch.

This bite has remained quite consistent, except for during flooding, until last year. Last year the river was so low for so long that the marina just didn’t seem to be holding fish. At least not ones that I could catch, and other fisherman who had learned my secret and were used to catching fish there, told me they weren’t catching them last year either. Feeling certain that this was due to the prolonged period of very low water, I could not wait for this year to see if the Bass were back. But wait I did. Through all the flooding of this spring and early summer, I had to wait til the waters were at a level that would allow me to fish the marina. Once the waters were at a normal level, sure enough, I was able to start catching fish again, on a very regular basis, just down the street from my house.


1st Muskie

Well I can now say that I caught a Muskie. It wasn’t huge and it wasn’t overly dramatic although it was acrobatic. I decided to do some casting off the dock in the morning before we went out to do some Walleye fishing. I was using a 1/2 ounce spinnerbait that I would normally use for Bass, thinking I might get a Northern or two. Unfortunately I was alone when I caught it but I did snap a couple pictures. Like I said earlier it was acrobatic, as it leaped out of the water shortly after I hooked it. It was still a long way out when it made this jump so I couldn’t tell what I had til I got it up close. When I realized it was a Muskie, I knew I wasn’t going to keep it, so all I could think of was getting pictures. I figured the best way to do that was to leave him in the water, so I grabbed my smart phone out of my pocket and tried to get the best pictures possible.

1st Muskie

This was of the best picture I was able to get. So at least I can say I caught a Muskie, but still in search of the big one.

Northern Pike on Cass Lake

After catching my first Muskie off of a dock on Cass Lake on a 1/2 ounce spinnerbait, I figured I should be able to catch more Muskie, hopefully bigger, throwing a 1 1/2 ounce spinnerbait. Unfortunately that didn’t happen, but I did catch several Northern Pike. The biggest being this nice one, at about 30 inches.

30 in Northern

The best action I had was one morning, throwing the same spinnerbait, I caught 8 Northern. There were also a few Northern caught on one of my favorite lures, an 1/8 ounce Rooster Tail. These weren’t huge fish by any means, but were particularly fun on light tackle.


 One of the highlights of the trip was when Kayla caught this 27″ northern on one of those Rooster Tails. What made this even more exciting was the fact that Kayla had not done much fishing before this trip and it was Kayla, Deanne, Dawn and myself in the boat that day.



Cass Lake


Cass Lake 2

My wife Dawn, daughter Deanne, and her friend Kayla, recently stayed with Dawn’s aunt Kathy and uncle Harold on Cass Lake in Minnesota. The first night we got there Harold offered to take me out to do some trolling for Walleye. Of course I was all too happy to go. We trolled shallow running Rapalas in about 4 to 8 feet of water off of Star Island and then moved to a narrow shelf near there that ran about 4 to 5 foot deep with drop offs on both sides into 25 plus feet of water. We caught 6 Eyes on that shelf before the bite died off and we called it a night. 3 of them were nice eater size fish, between 14 and 18 inches, so we kept those and released the smaller ones. Unfortunately that was the best bite we had all week for Walleye. We did catch a few Walleye pulling crawlers and leeches, and Dawn caught the big Walleye of the trip (21″) on a crawler.

21 in Walleye