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I am a wife, mother, grandmother and a great grandmother. I ran an in-home day care for 25+ years. I love to fish, garden and spend time with family.

Bye Bye Boat

This is a guest post by Patsy Harvey

For years and years we have gone to Chetek, WI to fish. In the 1980’s we stayed on Chetek Lake at a great resort called Pine Park. The owner was named Sam and it was a real clean resort with older cabins. Sam would check every morning to see if we needed anything.
On this particular day we decided to just float near our cabin, toward the middle of the lake, to catch crappies. It was a beautiful 80 degree day and the fish were biting. We put on a yellow mini jig with a white lead head , which was the bait that we were catching  fish on. We carried a huge assortment of colors and baits in our boat.
As we floated and caught crappies, more and more boats floated along with us. We would all float across the lake and them slowly move back over to float again. About 1 hour into our fishing, a larger boat (ours was a 16 foot fiberglass) came barreling across the lake and stopped in the middle of all of us floating. Kids dove off the boat and also a dog. People all around yelled at the driver and ask him to move to another area as we were catching fish. The boat driver just ignored us and kept letting the kids jump in. Finally one of the kids yelled they needed to go to the bathroom so the guy cranked up his boat and went to the shore, yelling to all of us, “I will be back”.
Within a couple of minutes one of the boats that was fishing with us, cranked up his boat and followed the other boat to shore. Then we heard a shot, or what sounded like a shot from a gun. The boat that had been fishing came back from shore and started to float again with us. We never did see the boat with the kids and dog again.
On that trip we caught our limit of crappies and learned a good lesson. “YOU DON’T MESS WITH A FISHERMAN WHEN THE FISH ARE BITING”